Volunteers In Clean-Up After Louts Target Hall..

Volunteers say they will clean up an Historic Hall themselves after it was damaged by vandals and arsonists. The 18th-century Braunstone Hall, in Braunstone Park, Leicester, has been targeted by louts several times in the past fortnight. The back of the disused building, owned by Leicester City Council, has been fire-damaged after wheelie-bins were pushed against it and set alight. A hole has also been smashed through the roof. Lee Clarke, of the Restore Braunstone Hall campaign group, said: "It's been particularly bad in the past two weeks. We asked the council to come and clean up the smoke damage, but they said the pressure of the jet washers they use could damage the brickwork. "It looks terrible, so a few of us are going to take some brushes and buckets of soapy water down and clean it ourselves. "We want to show that we care about this building even if the council doesn't "The council did put some plastic sheeting over the hole on the roof but that's all. "We also wanted to go there and cut down some of the overgrown plants so it isn't such an eyesore, but the council told us we couldn't, because of health and safety." The council says the overgrown bushes are being kept as they help keep intruders from getting into the building. The hall has been disused since it shut as a junior school in 1996. An anonymous potential developer is now in negotiations over renovating the Grade II-listed property and leasing it from the council as part of a 125-year contract. Should the deal go through it could become a wedding venue and conference centre. City mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said: "Following contact from Mr Clarke I have asked property services officers to meet with the Restore Braunstone hall Campaign Group to see how we can work together to protect and conserve the hall. "I appreciate their concern and interest in the building, and would like to thank them for their offer." A city council spokesman said: "Negotiations with the interested developer are proceeding well, and we are aiming for these to be completed by the summer." Mr Clarke said: "The delay in getting the future of this wonderful building sorted is terrible. If it were in use, it would not be the target for yobs that it has become." A police spokesman said patrolling officers would be asked to keep an eye on the building to try to deter vandals..

- Written by Leicester Mercury, Published, May 26, 2012


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