Councillors have identified an area of land which could be sold to encourage the restoration of an 18th century building. Since it closed as a school more than a decade ago, Braunstone Hall has been empty and vulnerable to vandalism. It costs Leicester city council at least £30,000 a year in insurance and maintaining health and safety standards and its restoration could cost £4 million. Last month, the authority said it would look at attracting potential developers by setting aside restoration money gathered from the sale of nearby land. Councillors on the overview and scrutiny management board this week backed plans to market 1.5 acres of "green space" by Hinckley Road and Brailsford Road, as an employment development. The proposal will now go to cabinet. Lee Clarke, leader of Restore Braunstone Hall campaign group, said the news was a "step forward", but had his reservations. He said: "It's a good step forward providing they do attach the funds from the land to the hall. They were meant to do this years ago. "I think local people won't mind the land being developed - it's wasteland - and we just want the hall restored. The council has land all over the place. It should think about doing this to restore more historic buildings." At the management board meeting, Councillor Piara Clair said: "I think we need to have Braunstone Hall back in use. "Years ago we visited the site with the view of putting it back into use and I will back this proposal because I think it's long overdue." Councillor Hussein Suleman said: "I support the idea but this does not mean the council is giving carte blanche to fund the scheme through any means." Last year, an anonymous developer approached the council about developing it as a hotel. In talks, it emerged the developer could not afford to revamp the hall without financial help. It is understood he is still interested in taking on the hall as long as a council subsidy was in place. A few years ago another developer approached the council with the intention of transforming the hall into a dental and medical centre. The land sale plans will be discussed by the council's cabinet on October 4th..

Written by Leicester Mercury, Published September 25th, 2010


Work to restore a Historic Hall is not likely to start until next year. Leicester City Council had 1.5 acres of land for sale to raise cash to help developers transform Braunstone Hall. But interest in the green space by Hinckley Road and Winstanley Drive had been "disappointing". They had hoped to sell the "Enabling Land" to make a financial contribution to whichever developer successfully won the lease at Braunstone Hall. Despite receiving two offers from potential buyers for the land, the council said neither offer was substantial enough to persuade them to part with the land. This setback means work to transform the 18th century hall is unlikely to begin until next year. A city council spokesman said: "Interest in the enabling land was disappointing and has not resulted in acceptable offers. "However, we have had approaches from a number of parties interested in negotiating purchase by private treaty and we are following this up. "I would think it is unlikely a start on the site will be before the end of the year." The grade II-listed hall has been a target for vandals and arsonists since it closed as a junior school in 1996. Two anonymous potential developers have expressed an interest in renovating the hall and leasing it from the council as part of a 125-year contract. At least one of them said they needed the money from the sale of "enabling land" to finance the renovation. The city council spokesman said: "The next step is for us to ask those involved to come back to us with more details of their proposals including plans, lay-outs and finance. "On receipt of schemes and financial proposals, we will seek to select a preferred bidder who will draw up detailed designs. Should the bidders require financial support from the council, the sale of the enabling land becomes crucial." Lee Clarke, leader of the Restore Braunstone Hall campaign group said he was "utterly gobsmacked" at the delay. He said: "I had no idea the hall would lie untouched until next year. "The longer it sits untouched, the more damaged and vandalised it gets, the less likely a developer will want to take it on." The city council would not disclose the asking price for the enabling land, the amounts offered by potential buyers of the land, or further details about those interested in the hall.

- Leicester Mercury, February 11th, 2011


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