Grass-Roots Campaign To Restore Historic Mansion..

An online campaign has been launched to have a Historic Hall Restored and used by the community. The 18th century Braunstone Hall has been empty since the school within the building closed down in 1996, and has repeatedly been targeted by vandals. Now, campaigners in Braunstone want the council to restore the building for community use to prevent it falling into further disrepair. More than 140 people have joined a Facebook group calling for its restoration, and the campaign has been backed by Leicester Civic Society. Lee Clarke, who set up the Facebook Group, said: "It's our heritage. "I've got a personal connection to the hall. I went to school there, so did my mum and most of my family. "It is a wonderful building and could be put to good use for the local community. But it's just being left to go to wrack and ruin. "I was involved in the Bowstring Bridge campaign. I saw how that turned out. I didn't want Braunstone Hall to be the next victim." The hall was built by William Oldham, who later became the Mayor of Leicester, in 1776. The Winstanley family lived there until 1926 - when the building was converted into a junior school. But since 1996 it has lain empty. In 2006, the Leicester Mercury reported a prediction by the Braunstone Community Association that it would take £10m to bring the building back up to scratch. The Leicester civic society has backed Mr Clarke's campaign and says it has been urging the council to do something with the building for years. Derek Hollingworth, vice-chairman of Leicester Civic Society, said: "This hall is empty and just decaying. It has tremendous historic importance for the area, but it is really in a terrible state now. "We'd really like to see something done." The city council is currently in negotiations with a local developer, which does not want to be named, over plans to put a Hotel, Weddings and Conference Centre in the building. A council spokesman said: "We are in discussions with an interested party. This is still in the early stages. It is still subject to planning permission and there is a long way to go." Writing on the Facebook site, Braunstone residents and former pupils of the school said the building needed to be restored. Sarah Biddle wrote: "I went to Braunstone Hall and I absolutely loved it. "It really does break my heart that it has been left to wrack and ruin and if I had the money I would love to be able to restore it to its natural beauty." Tracey Wilcox wrote: "The walled garden was lovely when I was a kid. My nanna used to walk us round there. They should restore Brauny Hall. Too many landmarks are disappearing. "Stephen Soos wrote: "Such a shame, but this typifies what councils do to wonderful properties like this when they own them. This could be put to many good uses.."

- Written by Leicester Mercury, Published on February 02, 2010


The History of Braunstone Park..

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The History of Braunstone Hall..

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