Leicester City Council Stops Bid To Clean Up Braunstone Hall Because Of Health And Safety Concerns..

Volunteers who want to tidy up a disused building have been stopped by the city council because of 'Health and Safety' concerns. Vegetation in and around Braunstone Hall has become overgrown since it became empty about 15 years ago. Campaigners fear that this is damaging the building and encouraging vandals to attack the property. They wanted to clear it up themselves but were told by council officers they could not help because they were not covered by insurance. Lee Clarke, leader of the Restore Braunstone Hall campaign group, would have spruced up the area along with two other volunteers. He said: "We just want to make the area look better by clearing some vegetation within a fenced-off area of the grounds. "Not only does it look bad but it is also causing more damage with leaves falling on to one of the roofs, getting damp and causing it to buckle. "We promised to do the work in a professional manner, with correct tools and clothing - even under the supervision of parks services officers. "But they rejected us. I felt really let down and angry." He said officers from the city council education department - which owns the building, as it used to be a school - refused his help despite his offer to sign a waiver ensuring he would not sue if he was hurt. A Leicester City Council spokesman said: "Unfortunately, even if Mr Clarke signed a waiver, the council would still be legally responsible. "We have worked closely with Mr Clarke and are in regular contact with him. The hall is security patrolled every day in a bid to deter vandals." Over the past few months, city council workers have conducted litter picks, repaired fencing, undertaken tree works and mended fencing to reduce anti-social behaviour. The hall was built in 1776 by William Oldham and lived in by the Winstanley family until 1926, when it was turned into a school. The council is in talks with developers over the future of the building. It is in the process of re-tendering the hall, which would involve offering the developer a lump sum of cash to aid restoration. They will discuss plans at a cabinet meeting on October 4th..

- Leicester Mercury, Published September 28, 2010


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The History of Braunstone Hall..

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